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Strategic Investments Promoting Sustainable Development


Providing knowledge and ability among policy-makers. This is required not only for changing mindsets within the public sector, but also for driving investment in science and technology, and for designing action plans, road maps, and policies under which technologies could help reduce inequalities and address gaps in the SDGs


Uplift's Role is to provide opportunities, networks and partnerships that teach and boost young adult confidence and aspirations that ignite their spirit to work together, give back to their society, and realize the differences their generation will make by focusing on entrepreneurship and social innovation.


 UpLift's Real Estate Stimulus Development programs create enhanced investment returns and benefits for dramatically providing faster capital returns with 20% higher yearly UpLift stimulus payments. Additionally, partnering with Top Tier 1 Banks and governments, providing the ultimate investment risk protections with very structured reliable timely returns.

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Retail partners provide Uplift Club Members UpCash credits that allows every day common purchases to make a better world. Partners like insurance, banks, cell phone and gas companies give our members a lower price and donate a piece to non-profits as well. Added together all those pieces over time with compound interest, payoff your home even faster and reduce your payments each year to ZERO.

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Strategic Investments promoting Sustainable Development

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Do-Good Foundation and Government SDG Projects.

The Uplift Fund Works with governments as a NGO BOI to promote long term investments and provide external oversite for investors that project investments enhance the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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iUpLift SDG Impact Fund

Strategic Investments promoting Sustainable Development, the SDG Fund aims to create a more sustainable, equitable, and peaceful world, by 2030. The iUpLift Fund's mission is to enable both the inhabitants of Earth and Earth itself to be in a far healthier, more prosperous position, through each iUpLift Fund project investment .

Samuel Krandel

Mr. Krandel leads the association’s advocacy work representing the interests of the association’s private equity, venture capital, infrastructure and long-term investor members in the UK.
‌ Brussels.

Teri Reynolds

After two decades in leading Real Estate Financial Firms. Ms. Reynolds previously VP Bus. Dev. of Ram Group RE Trust, overseeing the strategy and investments in the West Coast Market.  Teri also acts as the senior spokesperson for the several UpLift Foundation private equity and venture capital partners. 
‌Incline Village, 
‌Lake Tahoe - USA

Tony Jones

Tony Jones understands the Silicon Valley’s voracious appetite for technology and bandwidth required to make it happen, from small startup organizations, to global conglomerates looking to unite and consume technology for their employees, customers and partners. 
‌Silicon Valley,
‌Danville, Ca USA

Joe Sachi

Joe Sachi leads client conversions and implementations, working collaboratively with partners to achieve SDG investment objectives. Joe's systemic thinking integrates business goals with technological benefits. Sachi’s experience as an engineer provides the discipline required to scale high-quality conversions, while sticking to a set budget and deadline. 
‌London, UK

Jose Regalet

Mr. Regalet is UpMining Fund's Latin American Head of Infrastructure, Mining and Commodities. His practice focuses on the oversight of Uplift' s Mining Partners, equity investors in connection with the development and financing of new projects, restructuring of troubled projects, and Investment and M&A.
‌Colorado, Florida
‌United States

Charlie Reynolds
‌CTO - VP Bus Dev

Reynolds executive abilities to fully grasp all aspects of designing / developing and maintaining higher than normal cash flows creates value for all stake holders
‌Silicon Valley, 
‌Los Altos, USA

BOI - Regional Managers

Board of Investment - Executive Partners

Hiram Willis
Stig Capital , Managing Partner

Dr. Hiram Willis is an INC. 500 and New York Fortune 50 Award-Winning President with a doctorate in Finance. He has been a successful president of high tech companies with 29-years of consulting in finance, accounting, acquisitions, market share development, and operations. His background includes CEO, President, and Chief Financial Officer, as well as international operations Director in Japan, Germany, UK, and Canada. A Walden University Ph.D. in Finance, he is also a Drucker student holding an MBA from the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University, as well as a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.

Tony Jones
X10Homes , Sr. VP. Business Development

X10Homes is a revolutionary new way to buy and sell Real Estate. X10Homes and UpLift Foundation have colaborated to create the first UpCash stimulus program that reduces your home purchase price by 10%, pays off a 30 year mortgage in 20 years or less, and turns everyday expenses into investment returns, all of which result in buyers paying less and sellers getting more money on every sales transaction.

Mrs. - Lori Marcella, UpBank Partner
UpBank - NorCal , Vice President

Not Only Does The UpLift Foundation Help Bigger Need Programs, ‌But We Also Focus on Direct Community Programs And You. ‌UpLift Offers Our Members Access To Special UpBank Investments‌ That Build ‌Sustainable UpCash Monthly Credits To Payoff ‌Your Home & ‌Provide For A Much Better Future.

Rick DeMaria
UpVibe Development Fund , Sr. Vp. Business Development

Many “Do-Good Investors” are looking for more than ROI. While ROI is important, investors are looking for a combined benefit of ROI along with sustainable long term global benefits “The Do-Good”. Rick's long experience and real estate successes, provides maximum protection of investor funds through conservative, low risk loan investments highly asset backed. UpVibe insures a very secure option for investors seeking access to higher ROI and “Do-Good” quantifiable returns.

Husam Alkhatib
UpMining Fund - Dubai , VP Regional Director

Commodities & Currency Trading - with an expertise in & Gas with U.A.E and European Banking/Financial Partners. International Cultural and Investment experience with a specialty in UK,UAE,HK Senior international finance compliance officer UpLift Fund.

Marcelo Olguin
Latam-UpMining Fund JV , Business Development Director Middle East

Mr. Olguin oversees a solid technical and political team in Chile and other branches in each country of Latin America, managing assets of $140M (USD). Today the team runs 38 projects promoting UpMining partnerships with miners, scientists and Investment Fund creating an innovative model of investment in small mining businesses that greatly improves mine-plant production in the short and long term increasing the value of the natural resource for all involved.

Ray Chaplin
IRC Group , Managing Partner - M&A - Technology Investments

Mr. Chaplin's broad experience in a variety of different business partnership situations provides the knowledge that results are received by starting with the specific requirements and finding a tailor-made solution, that often include the arrangement of a financing package for mergers & acquisitions or new co-investors to ramp Production or provide technology and Information advantages that generate better financial models and high business value for all stockholders.

SDG Fund - Mexico, Regional Director -- Gustavo Lopez
Cobias sa de cv , Regional Director

coming soon

Pac-West Regional Director - Martin Santini
UpBank Management Group , PacWest - Sr. VP. Private Banking

Martin Santini has more than 20 years of combined experience as a business leader and expert in the financial services industry. Mr. Santini was awarded several awards for top performer among his peers during his tenure at First Nevada Capital, Kirkland Securities, and Fleetwood Bank.